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Cruises, Travel, and Attractions Helps You Discover Your Florida Side


For the most part, if you want to take a memorable vacation and get the most for your hard-earned cash, you have two options: You can sacrifice price in the name of convenience by seeking the services of a traditional travel agent, or you can spend countless hours staring at your computer screen all hours of the day and night, anxiously waiting for airlines and cruise companies to temporarily drop their prices.

If you choose to hire a travel agent, you run the risk of paying more than you really should for an exhilarating cruise out of a Florida port or a relaxing week along the beautiful white sand beaches of chairs on cruise ship deckFlorida’s panhandle. However, if you decide to fly solo, you might not even notice as you sail right past some of the best deals available in the sometimes confusing world of travel. Even experienced surfers must eventually face the responsibilities of their day job and occasionally seek the solace of sleep.

There is an alternative, however, that not only eliminates wasteful spending but also does away with the need to visit multiple web sites, desperately searching for that perfect deal-the one that fits your schedule, fulfills your dreams and falls within the guidelines of your own budget. Cruises, Travel and Attractions (CTA), as seen on The Travel Channel, is now open in Tampa, Florida and offering discounts and services to Florida residents. CTA bridges the gap between financial considerations and customer service by customizing any type of vacation, anywhere in the world at the lowest price possible-then sweetening the pot by rebating a potion of the cost of the vacation back to you.

That’s right, it isn’t a misprint. Cruises, Travel and Attractions offers deep rebates making discount cruising and vacation a reality.


“We can design any type of vacation, and, regardless of how much time it takes, we’ll put together the vacation that’s right for you. We really like helping people get what they want,” said CTA Sales Manager Mark Young. “In addition to our high level of customer service, the low prices and rebate can save you thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime.”

Cost, though certainly an important factor, is not the only reason to choose Cruises, Travel and Attractions. The company works only with three-, four- and five-star properties and offers a wide range of vacation options, from cruises to condos to luxury resorts to tours.

Cruises, Travel and Attractions does business with most of the world’s top cruise lines, offering vacation possibilities that will take you places spanning virtually the entire globe: Alaska, New England, Italy, Africa, India, the Black Sea, the Red Sea, the North Sea, Hawaii, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, South America and even Antarctica, and every place in between.

If you’re pressed for time, cruises can be short, such as the one-day journey along the Pacific Coast of the United States or Canada. If you have nothing else to do for a month or so, however, and you cruise ship photowant to see places you might have never seen before and might never see again, you can book passage on the 34-day Grand Asia Voyage, which will take you from Seattle to Petropavlovsk, Sendai, Yokohama, Shimizu, Kobe, Xingang, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore and other places on the other side of the world. The cost of these trips depends greatly on the client’s budget.

“We can get you on any cruise line, in any type of cabin and in any price range,” Young said. “With most travel agents, you’ll have to pay for their markups and commissions. And if you try to do it yourself on the internet, you might be rerouted to India or someplace like that. We provide top-of-the-line customer service, and it doesn’t cost you a penny.”


Vacation condos-studio and one-, two- and three-bedroom units in most of the world’s top resort locations-are also available to Cruises, Travel and Attraction members. Destinations range from Tampa and Savannah to Charleston and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the mountains of the Western United States, Central America, Hawaii and Europe, and their average cost is only around $599 per week, according to Young.

‘Hot Weeks’ feature vacations at destinations throughout the United States and abroad. For those who love the beach, options include Brigantine, NJ; Kaunakakai, Molokai, Hawaii; Cancun, Mexico; Ventnor, NJ; Fort Walton Beach, FL; Hilton Head Island, SC; and Myrtle Beach, SC. The mountains are also popular, at Teton Creek Resort, Idaho; Heber City, Utah; and Granby, Colorado; while other ‘hot’ locations frequented by CTA members include Las Vegas, Stowe, VT; Reno, Nevada; and Puerto Rico in the Dominican Republic.

Tours are also popular among CTA members. Possibilities include the Branson Music Holiday; Mackinac Island, featuring the Grand Hotel; Antarctica; Italian lakes and Greek Islands, featuring a seven-night Eastern Mediterranean Cruise; the Canadian Rockies by rail; the Wonders of Iceland; and Europe’s Christmas markets, featuring Austria, Germany, France and Switzerland.

Young points out that even when the national economy is sluggish, Caribbean cruises and vacations at beaches all along the East Coast remain popular among the company’s clients.

“A lot of people are planning family trips right now because the kids will be getting out of school soon,” he said.

Young explains that Cruises, Travel and Attractions is able to offer deep discounts on quality vacations at locations throughout the world because the company uses the same concept utilized by wholesale clubs such as Sam’s and Costco. Since it provides services to thousands of members and many of them vacation often, Cruises, Travel and Attractions is able to purchase large blocks of space at most of the world’s top resort destinations. The company prides itself on its success in negotiating the best possible price for the clients.

“We have created our resort search system to allow you to choose the areas you would like to visit, as well as the number of bedrooms and the time of year, be it prime or low-demand season,” he said. “You simply submit this information on your vacation voucher, and we will find you the nearest match for your request from our inventory of top destinations.”

In other words, Cruises, Travel and Attractions will make it easy for you to plan memorable vacations and save money, as well.

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