CTA Travel Agency – Hopkins, SC – Charles and Lillie Woodrow (part 2)

Charles and Lillie Woodrows couple close up shot

Charles and Lillie Woodrows

The Woodrows and others stayed at sea for almost nine hours before it was deemed safe enough to continue island hopping. Despite almost participating in one the worst natural disasters of the past century, they still describe their experience as “most enjoyable.”

Charles and Lillie Woodrows

“It’s hard to pick a favorite island in Hawaii as each has its own distinct beauty,” said Charles. “It’s very difficult to pick one over the other and I don’t think I can.”

Their vacation was even more enjoyable because they saved money by using Cruises, Travel and Attractions’ travel agency and utilizing its website, www.thevacationstationmembers.com.

When it was all over, they rated the company’s customer service as excellent.
Best of all, because the Woodrows are members of Cruises, Travel and Attractions, they received a rebate check after their vacation was over, saving them even more money. While they are staying closer to home for their next vacation, Cruises, Travel and Attractions will still be available to help them plan their trip and keep more money in their pockets.

Tampa Florida’s CTA Helps with Plan Cruises, Vacations

Travel is a priority for the Avelar family. Long vacations have been replaced by shorter jaunts, which are easier when you are raising a family, Laura Avelar says. Avelar admits that she loves cruises adding that she has been on at least 15 during her life. But she and her husband have instilled a love of travel and seeing new places in their nine-year-old daughter.

“She’s been on six cruises and to Disneyland,” Avelar laughs. “She loves to travel.”

Their most recent family trip for the Avelars, who live near Sacramento, California, was to San Francisco for some family fun before school started.

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CTA Travel Agency – Hopkins, SC – Charles and Lillie Woodrow (part 1)

Charles and Lillie Woodrows couple full length photo

Charles and Lillie Woodrows

Charles and Lillie Woodrow of Hopkins, South Carolina, have been members of Vacation Inspiration for two years but didn’t decide to take their first trip to Europe until last year.


“We had a good experience, so we booked another vacation this year through Cruises, Travel and Attractions and headed to Hawaii,” said Charles Woodrow. “While we won’t travel as far from home next time, we will definitely utilize our membership with Cruises, Travel and Attractions again.”

A 15-day vacation to Hawaii is a dream vacation and one the Woodrows won’t soon forget – but for another reason.

“We were on a cruise visiting some of the Hawaiian Islands when the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan,” Charles explained. “It was incredible, but we were kept informed of what was happening the entire time. The cruise line took us out to sea for about 25 miles to avoid getting hit ourselves. It was definitely a new and once-in-alifetime experience for all of us.”…

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Panama City Beach, Florida

Once considered the “Redneck Riviera” of Florida’s Panhandle, Panama City Beach is now a popular real estate mecca where beachfront properties have quadrupled in value since 2000. The older hotels and homes of the past are being replaced by new high-rise hotels and condominiums.
Oceanfront property sold for more then $60,000 per front foot during the real estate boom. Prices stabilized in 2008 but are still considered undervalued compared to those in nearby cities on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Panama City Beach is often considered a part of Panama City but is actually a distinct municipality from the older and larger inland city. PCB maintains 37 parks that offer swimming, fishing and…

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S. Florida Condo Associations

Whether you are a full-time or part-time owner, a condominium association can be an extremely valuable asset. Community association homes differ from traditional homes because everyone shares ownership of common land and has access to facilities. Associations oversee building maintenance, enforce rules and guidelines, and play a key role in legislation through paid lobbyists, and other policy-setting bodies on issues such as taxes, insurance, bankruptcy, reform and fair housing. By upholding these standards, condominium associations ensure that the community is well-maintained and property values remain profitable.

Associations can run small or large depending on community involvement. The South Gulf Coast Chapter of Community Associations Institute (CAI), a national organization dedicated to educating community associations, covers Port Charlotte south to Marco Island, Florida. The South Gulf Coast Chapter has 400+ members and handles issues pertaining to the association daily. “The insurance situation in the State of Florida is a major concern for any association and one we monitor on behalf of our members,” said Robert Podvin, South Gulf Coast Chapter Executive Director.

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